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Kalifa Profile

Kalifa Profile

Kalifa was Iceburg's secretary and is the only female member of CP9.

Kalifa is a slim woman with blue eyes and glasses that, like Kuro, she often pushes up. Her blonde hair was about shoulder when she first infiltrated Water 7 and grew out over the years she spent there. She kept it tied up in a bun as a secretary, but let it fall freely with a left sidelock when she was revealed to be an assassin.

She has small studded earrings and usually wears outfits that reveal her legs, something Paulie often chides her about while she was undercover. As an assassin, she wore a long-sleeved short black dress over a fishnet shirt and stockings along with black gloves and high-heels.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Kalifa was very bookish as a child.

Kalifa is first seen as Iceburg's secretary. She seemed to be a serious, businesslike woman with a hot temper. She is known for her trademark phrase "That's sexual harassment." She is seen to be fiercely loyal to Iceburg at first and is always seen walking around with him.

During the Enies Lobby arc, Kalifa personality becomes sly and crafty, as she enjoys embarrassing her superior, Spandam by accusing him of harassing her, again with her trademark phrase. Despite her initial impression of being completely serious and professional, she became easily flustered during her fight against Nami. She is not too bright, mistaking Monster Chopper for Nami. She is also rather vain, considering herself so beautiful and sexy she doesn't need to make her skin smooth with her Devil Fruit power.