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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Profile

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Profile

Garnet til Alexandros XVII is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy IX, and the heir of Alexandria. She is a very caring girl, often blaming herself for other's misfortunes.

She quickly recognizes the changes in her mother, Queen Brahne, and initially tries to escape the castle of Alexandria. Trying to hide her identity as a princess, Garnet gives herself the nickname Dagger, taking the name from Zidane's weapon of choice. In the final phases of the game, her name is 'changed' yet again; it is revealed her original names was Sarah, a nod toward the original game of the series.

Garnet was born under the name of Sarah (??? S?ra) in Madain Sari, where she was part of a Summoner tribe. Like all Summoners, she had a horn in her forehead. However, she and her mother had to escape from Madain Sari when Garland attacked it with the Invincible. The boat was destroyed, and her mother was killed.

She washed ashore in Alexandria, where she was discovered by the King of Alexandria. She looked almost identical to the real Princess Garnet, who had died not long before from illness, with the exception of her horn. The King ordered that her horn be removed and that she become a "replacement" princess. She was then raised as the Princess of Alexandria, and always thought that Queen Brahne was her mother. Pluto Knight, Adelbert Steiner is ordered to protect her.

Garnet dressed as a White Mage

When Queen Brahne began to change, the princess sought to escape Alexandria, only to find that the thief group Tantalus planned to kidnap her. She went along with this, though at first toying with Zidane while dressed as a White Mage. She eventually joined with Tantalus as they escaped from Alexandria, and aided Zidane in fighting Steiner. In the middle of the escape, Steiner was taken along with her. The Tantalus Theater Ship was badly damaged by a Bomb and they fell into the Evil Forest. Steiner joined together with the Tantalus kidnappers to save her from the monsters inside the forest.

Garnet struggled hard to hide her identity as the Princess of Alexandria, and as a precautionary measure before entering the village of Dali, she adopts the alias of "Dagger", taking the title from Zidane's knife. Upon entering the village, Zidane began to tutor her in "common speak", a task Garnet had difficulty with, often addressing the townspeople in an overly formal manner.

Concept art of Garnet by Toshiyuki Itahana. The top art was used for her birthday dress, while the bottom for a younger Garnet in flashback sequences.

Upon arriving at Lindblum, Garnet was eager to meet her uncle, Regent Cid Fabool IX, insisting that they speak about Queen Brahne's new ambitions. Lindblum is the first place that Garnet's memory of the song Melodies of Life is revealed. Zidane hears Garnet singing the melody from the top of Lindblum Castle. When Zidane asks her where she learned the song, Garnet cannot give a straight answer.

Cid refused to take major action against the kingdom of Alexandria, and he and Zidane told Garnet to remain in Lindblum for her own safety. Unhappy with this, Garnet resolved to visit her mother herself, using a feast to commemorate the Festival of the Hunt to her own means. Garnet poisons the food of everyone else at the table with Sleeping Weed, except for Steiner. She then dragged Steiner along with her and left for the South Gate. Along the way, Steiner was forced to hide her in a burlap sack in order to avoid detection, and Garnet uses the nauseous odor of Ghysal Pickles as an extra precaution.