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Fran Profile

Fran Profile

Fran is a playable character in Final Fantasy XII. She is a Viera and is Balthier's partner aboard his airship, the Strahl. Fran is the only non-Hume character in the main cast. Her title is "Master of Weapons", as Viera are known for their extraordinary craftsmanship, grace, and intellect. Fran herself is also a skilled mechanic, being in charge of maintaining the Strahl.

Fran has the most mysterious life out of all the characters in Final Fantasy XII. Being a Viera, she is reserved amongst people of other races, although not as much as others of her kind. All that is known is that she left Eruyt Village over 50 years ago to see Ivalice, so she has obviously seen a lot of the world in this time. Fran is revealed to have two sisters: Jote and Mjrn. It is hinted that they are blood sisters as Fran tells Mjrn that only one sister remains to her before Fran leaves the woods. It appears that Jote is the older one, whilst Mjrn is younger, based on how they act and their positions in Eruyt Village.

Considering Fran's age, Fran could have met Balthier during any time in his life. It is never hinted about how long they have known each other, or if Fran even knows about Balthier's past. However, while they keep their relationship professional, there are times when it is hinted it could be more than that, especially in the sequel, where she states that Balthier's methods of wooing her were different from Tomaj's of flowers and gifts.

Fran's concept art.

Fran is first seen when Vaan is about to steal the Goddess' Magicite in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. She is accompanying Balthier, and is riding a hoverbike. This eventually crashes during their escape, due to the Goddess' Magicite draining the engines.

Like all Viera, Fran is sensitive to the anomaly known as mist. More than simply "sensing" it, she can feel it like a physical object. When the party were held by Judge Ghis, the mist from the Dawn Shard the piece of nethicite Ashe received after the events in the Tomb of Raithwall overwhelmed Fran with a burning sensation, causing her to go into a frenzy, and attack all enemies with her bare hands. This never happens again, but whenever the party enter an area thick in mist, they always make sure to ask Fran if she's okay.

Fran lived with her sisters Jote and Mjrn in Eruyt Village, a small enclave in Golmore Jungle where the viera dwell. She left Eruyt Village and cast aside its laws called the Green Word fifty years prior to the events occurring in the game, believing that although her kind begin with the forest, they do not necessarily have to be bound to its end. This puts her at odds with her sister Jote, who upholds the Green Word for the village. When the party encountered a barrier in Golmore, Fran was forced to return to the village and ask for help, bringing her back to Jote and learning that Mjrn had run off from the village. After the party manages to recover Mjrn, she reveals her wish to leave the wood, but Fran advises her against doing so, relating how in exchange for freedom, she had to sacrifice her past and the ability to hear the voice of the Wood. Fran accepts that with her past and sibling ties severed, she is now part of the Humes, and after asking for a confirmation from Jote about the Wood's acceptance of her, she leaves. In Revenant Wings, Balthier and Fran are searching for the Cache of Glabados. Fran was voiced by Nicole Fantl in English and by Rika Fukami in Japanese. She also appears in Itadaki Street Portable.