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Evangeline Profile

Evangeline Profile

Evangeline is one of Negi's most dangerous students. Even though she only looks ten, in actuality she is over a hundred.This is because she is actually a vampire. Her powers have been sealed and she's been forced to attend school for 15 years. Evangeline is a Shinso vampire; instead of being bitten by a vampire, she became one of her own accord. She is also an extremely powerful sorceress who specializes in ice magic.

Evangeline is Negi's first major obstacle in the series. She is one of the few people who know the Thousand Master, Nagi Springfield, for it is he who has sealed her powers. Eva's reason for hating Negi & being at Mahora Academy was actually because of him. 15 years ago, she was rescued by Nagi & fell in love with him, but unfortunately he rejected her. She wouldn't accept it & kept chasing after him. Eventually he put a powerful curse on her. The curse sealed most of her magic powers and not only that, prevented her from leaving Mahora Academy. She hates Negi because his father rejected her & cursed her to a school life. The reason he did it was because he wanted her to "live in the light" for a change. He promised her that he would lift the curse when she graduated. With this being said, it has not been confirmed how she feels about Negi, although later she agrees to help train him.

Eva has 2 partners. ChaCha Zero a magical doll, was her previous partner but because of the curse, ChaCha lost her ability to move as Eva's magic was powering her, now she's just a useless doll that talks a lot. Her new partner, Chachamaru is a robot who not only serves her but takes care of her as well. Their partner system is somewhat different than Negi's in that there is no Pactio Card for Chachamaru. Evangeline is also bad with technology which is why she never carries a cell phone; she leaves all things involving technology up to Chachamaru or Satomi. Unlike Chachamaru, Chachazero is a kill-happy doll who relies mostly on magic power to fuel her actions.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell is a girl who goes by many names, the Dark Evangel, the Undying Mage and even the Doll Master. But if her name ever feels like a tongue-twister, you can just call her Eva for short. Eva may seem mean but she DOES have a soft side, which she rarely shows. The only people who can truly say much about Evangeline would be Chachamaru & Chacha Zero. She enjoys playing Go (Japanese chess) and is also in the Tea Ceremony club.