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Edea Kramer Profile

Edea Kramer Profile

Edea Kramer, also known as Sorceress Edea, is a character from Final Fantasy VIII. A mysterious woman appointed as ambassador to Galbadia, she acts as the primary antagonist of the first half of the game under the possession of Ultimecia. She is later revealed to be the wife of Cid Kramer, and with him, ran an orphanage on the Centra continent and eventually creating SeeD and the Gardens.

When first introduced, Edea is possessed by Ultimecia and is thus portrayed as a vain, power hungry, and remorseless sadist. All traces of her once kind and loving personality are purged from her character by Ultimecia's possession and replaced by an all-consuming desire for world domination.

But in actuality Edea is an extremely benign and gentle person. Although she has been under the stigma of being a Sorceress ever since the age of five, she has never resented the world for the prejudice it must have shown her--indeed, she spends her entire life devoted to helping others, focusing, of course, upon the children she cares for in her orphanage. With Cid by her side to keep her in control of her powers, she would never have shown a single violent streak throughout her life had Ultimecia not arrived and possessed her.

She clearly loves children, as all of the children from her orphanage (which include the entire cast of Final Fantasy VIII, except for Rinoa) remember her fondly and are completely unable to wrap their minds around the idea that their beloved Matron could ever do the evil deeds Sorceress Edea performs. Although Edea has never shown hatred for the rest of the world, she has shown a very strong dislike for her own powers. Edea does not like being a Sorceress, and she is more than happy to give up her powers in Esthar, although she probably feels guilty for having given them to Rinoa. Edea is very refined, sophisticated and ladylike, traits which were particularly evident during her possession. Ultimecia used Edea's sophistication and great physical beauty to their optimum effect to beguile her enemies.