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Cammy Profile

Cammy is a video game character in the Street Fighter series. She first appeared in the fighting game Super Street Fighter II:The New Challengers, which was released for the arcades in 1993, as one of the "New Challengers", the four new characters introduced in that title. She is the second female fighter in the Street Fighter series, following Chun-Li. Cammy has also appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha games, first as a hidden character and then as a playable character, in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3 respectively. Although Cammy did not appear in Street Fighter III as a playable character, she was reintroduced into the series as a playable character in the home console versions of Street Fighter IV, winning a poll put forth by Capcom asking the fans which characters from previous games should appear in the new game's home version.

Cammy was one of the four "New Challengers" introduced in the fourth Street Fighter II title, Super Street Fighter II. In this game, Cammy is a 19-year-old agent of the fictional Delta Red task force within Britain's MI6. In the Japanese version of her ending, she is revealed to have been an agent working for M. Bison in the past, but lost her memories during a past operation.

A younger version would be included in the crossover game X-Men vs. Street Fighter, which features Cammy as a Shadaloo assassin codenamed Killer Bee. The ending of the game alludes to Cammy's memory loss and her eventual joining of Delta Red.

This incarnation of Cammy would be integrated into the main series: first in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, where she appears as a hidden character available exclusively in the 2-Player and Training Modes (however, this would be rectified in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology where she would be fully playable in Arcade mode with a complete storyline and ending), and then in Street Fighter Alpha 3, where she is a full-fledge playable character. In Alpha 3, Cammy is revealed to be a clone created from M. Bison's DNA. The Game Boy Advance version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Revival and the Xbox Live and PSN remake Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix take into account this revelation in their versions of Cammy's ending.

Cammy is featured in the console versions of Street Fighter IV. Set after the Street Fighter II series (but before Street Fighter III), it depicts Cammy as having come to terms with her past as a brainwashed super soldier from Shadaloo and is now embarking a new mission with her Delta Red comrades,[2] which include Commander Watson, Matthew Mcoy, Colonel Wolfman, 1st Lieutenant Luwanda, and George Ginzu. In the game, she encounters one of the new warriors, Crimson Viper. Cammy confronts Viper to inquire what organization has sent her, while Viper dismisses her and the two are drawn into battle. In her ending in this game, she destroys the BLECE data, thinking that this was what Bison used to brainwash her before. Crimson Viper appears and holds a gun to her head, demanding that she not delete the information. Cammy deletes the info anyway and Viper is forced to reason that the information is gone for good. Cammy thinks she's failed in her mission by destroying the data, but Colonel Wolfman offers her comfort, saying simply "Well done."

Cammy is a slim and petite fighter, with her muscles developed for added strength. She has long blonde hair she usually wears in two braided pigtails, blue eyes and a scar on her left cheek.

She first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, where she is presented wearing a green thong leotard, red beret, red gloves, and black (sometimes green) boots. She also wears green camouflage stains on her legs. This incarnation is known as Delta Red Cammy and appears in the Street Fighter II series of games, in other games such as Cannon Spike, in the live action movie, in the American animated series, in several manga and comic adaptations, and in the home versions of Street Fighter IV. Delta Red Cammy is about 19 years old.

A different look was introduced in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. This time Cammy was presented wearing a light blue outfit which was part thong leotard and part turtleneck sweater, a matching garrison cap, red gloves and armbraces, brown leather boots, and a yellow necktie. The camouflage of her legs was replaced with blue stains in the shape of lightning bolts. This incarnation is known as Shadaloo Cammy and appears in the Street Fighter Alpha series of games, in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of games, in the Capcom vs. SNK series of games, in the Namco X Capcom series of games, and also in several manga and comic adaptations. Shadaloo Cammy is about 16 years old.

Cammy has a completely different look in the Japanese animated series Street Fighter II V. She is presented wearing black leather pants, a black body fit shirt, red gloves, red boots, and a black necklace with a silver crucifix. This incarnation of Cammy doesn’t have a scar on her cheek and wears her hair in a single ponytail.

In Street Fighter IV, in addition to her Delta Red attire, Cammy has an alternate appearance which is slightly similar to her Shadaloo version. This version consists of her wearing a blue zipped-up fleece thong leotard with matching knee-high boots with woolen trim, a Delta Red garrison cap, midnight blue gloves and armbraces, and blue camouflage on her legs.